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Miyuki Tokui

Choreographer | Dancer

1999年に現メンバーと "yummydance"



After graduating from Matsuyama University, she went to New York to study various dances.
Since she was back to  Japan, she participated in a project in Matsuyama City and studied under choreographer Amanda Miller.She established "yummydance" in 1999 with her current members.
In 2010, she formed the performance unit "" with artist Chieko Yamauchi.

In addition to choreographing and performing, she organizes projects, offers works, provides physical classes, and conducts workshops for facilities and schools.


Chieko Yamauchi

Animation | Art director

武蔵野美術大学基礎デザイン学科卒業後、単身渡チェコ。2002年、プラハ国立芸術アカデミー映画学部3F-Program Cinema Studiesアニメーション専攻修了。2006年、プラハ国立芸術アカデミー演劇学部オルタナティブ人形劇学科舞台美術科大学院修了。Břetislav Pojar、Petr Matásekに師事。


After guraduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Science of Design, she went to Czech Republic. In 2002, she completed Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Film Faculty (FAMU), 3F program Cineme Studies, Animation course and in 2006, got her master's degree in Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theater Faculty (DAMU), Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater, Scenography. She studied under Břetislav Pojar, Petr Matásek.

Since she was back to Japan, a lot of works are offered to the stage design/movie/animation film/graphic design, and she performed her own works independently. 
In 2010, she formed the performance unit "" with choreographer and dancer Miyuki Tokui.

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